Hardydeck – your direct supplier of legal ipe hardwood deck, massaranduba and tigerwood lumber in small and large full container quantities

ipe deck and ipe hard wood solid T&G flooring for EXPORT PRICINGS directly from the Amazon forest


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Ipe decking

certified legal wood

Lacey Act and FLEGT compliance

Hardydeck hardwood mil

ipe hardwood solid flooring


Hardydeck™, your hardwood supplier in deck and flooring

-         Best price hardwood deck and flooring

-         Traceable legal hardwood deck and solid flooring

-         Direct export pricing and no middleman


Hardydecks is a privately owned hardwood mill, milling ipe, massaranduba and tigerwood. It has its own private concessions and its own fleet of heavy machinery. It is located in Bolivia, just across the border from Brazil (7 km). Our main products are ipe deck in 90mm wide, 120mm wide and 140/145mm wide, ipe hardwood flooring, ipe strips and supports, massaranduba deck, massaranduba flooring and tigerwood deck and flooring. All flooring are 4 sided T&G, KD (kiln dried) 6 – 8% and pre finished.


Buying deck for the lowest possible price

So when you buy either ipe, massaranduba or tigerwood from Hardydecks, you will buy for the lowest possible price: export price! We sell full container loads; 40’ equals 1000m2 of decking or 20’ equals 10,000sqft of flooring. However, if you need us to ship less quantity, we are able to do this for a small surcharge such as USD 500,- We can also ship mixed orders such as 50% deck and 50% flooring, or mixed species, whatever you like! See for more on decking prices


Ipe, Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Diamond, Lapacho, Greenheart

When you decide to buy ipe, you decide to buy quality. Ipe wood also known as Ipe as a deck wood is available in a great variety: ipe decking, ipe hardwood decking and decks, Brazilian Walnut solid flooring, ironwood decking, diamond decking, lapacho, green heart wood, pau lope decking to name a few. Hardydeck offers a highly sought exotic wood: ipe. This top quality wood has a natural beauty, offering your yellowish brown to olive, sometimes with a very warm end grain. This essence allows you to create privileged spaces in harmony with nature by giving you a real feeling of well-being.


Buying ipe from Hardydecks means that you buy certified ipe wood.

This is nowadays very important due to the recent implemented Lacy Act (USA) and FLEGT timber Action plan (Europe). This means that you (due diligence) – as an importer –has the obligation to check the legal origin of your ipe/ massaranduba or tigerwood. Dealing directly with Hardydecks – as a hardwood supplier and mill – your legal prove or origin enjoys a single supply chain. No middleman, no shady mixed quantities of boards from different origin; one single source which is traceable! In short:


1.        Hardydecks is a sole chain in your supply chain so easy access to legal origin of your wood

2.        What you need to do: due diligence. Hardydecks gives you all your legal documentation you need.

3.        please remind: FSC is not considered valid proof of legality under the EU Timber Regulation


More information about Ipe and Ipe decking in general

Or send your inquiry right now to info@hardydeck.com


IPE hardwood decking

Ipe hardwood solid T&G flooring

Massaranduba KD decking

Tigerwood strips, flooring and decking


actual prices now at info@hardydeck.com


massaranduba hardwood deckmassaranduba solid flooring

Massaranduba KD hardwood deck and solid flooring


ipe decking wood stock

Ipe decking wood stock for direct export pricings

hardydeck ipe logs

hardydeck ipe logs for your quality decking and flooring

massaranduba logtigerwood KD deckingtigerwood flooring

ipe logs for your ipe deck

Massaranduba hardwood log

Tigerwood KD decking

Tigerwood flooring


Hardydeck SRL milling your ipe boards and decking

Hardydeck - from logging to final decking


ipe deck stainingipe hardwood decking installation manualipe hardwood deckipe hardwood boards stock

ipe deck staining; before and after the staining

Ipe hardwood decking installation MANUAL

Ipe hardwood deck

Ipe hardwood boards in stock



Hardydeck™ is a registered trademark by the Medina Vasquez SRL company

Medina Vasquez SRL – carretera a Tornito s/n – Ascencion de la Frontera – Santa Cruz – Bolivia




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